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​What can Yoga Trapeze do for you?

Overall fitness consists of push, pull, and hold. Traditional Mat yoga offers plenty of push and hold, but it unfortunately lacks the ability to improve your grip and pull strength, which is absolutely fundamental in our daily lives.  

Practice with us just once or twice a week, and the combination of Yoga Trapeze and simple gravity can improve your own pushing, pulling, holding, twisting, back/forward bending ability, and so much more.

Gift Certificates Available!​​​​


Redeemable for 8 beginner classes to use over 3 months.

What is Yoga Trapeze?

Trapeze yoga incorporates and modifies lots of traditional yoga poses, so you'll still be doing some of what you know. The idea of yoga trapeze is to be suspended enough to use gravity to help the body realign itself. The sling acts as a tool to take away some of your body weight away from the movement, to support and achieve the best stretch possible.

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